Areas of application

Areas of diamond-coating application can be found throughout the most diverse sectors of the machining industry.
Mold design and construction is one field where diamond-coated tools are used regularly, while the automobile and airplane manufacturing industries also depend on them.

Diamond-coated tools are used for machining:

  • Graphite-based materials
  • Machining carbide and ceramic blanks
  • Metal-matrix composites (for example CFK and GFK)
  • Sub- and hypereutectic aluminum alloys
  • Non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal alloys (such as brass or copper)

Machining tools

D-Coat diamond coatings improve the performance of your machining tools considerably, adding significantly to their utility.
The considerable increase in the operating life of the coated surface means you have a lot less down-time caused by having to change worn components. For many applications, diamond-coated tools are additionally able to meet more exacting machining parameters or achieve more accurate results. And when machining results are more accurate, it takes less primary processing time to finish your product.
By reducing the number of tools required to finish the job and lowering primary and secondary processing times, our coatings appreciably increase the cost-effectiveness in production for our customers.


Our special deposition process allows us to provide an extremely uniform, high-quality diamond-coat even to complex geometries such as drill bits, profile-cutter heads or reamers. For rotation-symmetric tools like these, the tool dimensions are:

  • Tool diameter from 0.2mm-30mm
  • Max. coating length 70mm

For 'flat' tool dimensions (tools such as indexable inserts):

  • Edge length max. 50mm
  • Max. tool thickness 20mm

For other dimensions, please contact us.


  • 10µm with a tolerance of ± 1µm coated
  • 20µm with a tolerance of ± 1.5µm coated

For more precision or special requirements involving the overall precision of the tool, please contact us directly.

Technical requirements

To ensure top-notch performance, it is important to choose the appropriate substrate (carbide metals) for the machining tool that is receiving the coating. We have compiled a list of the typical carbide metals that are best suited.
If you have a carbide metal that is not on the list or another material you would like to have diamond coated, we can test its suitability for you free of charge (you must provide a sample of the substrate).