The Product

D-Coat offers an innovative diamond-coating service for cutting tools and other machine parts that are subject to wear. We provide both crystalline and nano-crystalline diamond coats.

Along with all-around diamond-coating services in the most diverse of fields, D-Coat is also able to provide customers with diamond coats for customized, highly-specific applications.

If you have a question involving the right diamond-coating system for a specific application (appropriate types of carbides, favorable coat morphology, the right coat thickness, etc.), then we’d be happy to answer it. (Just click here to contact us).

Product developement

Along with our coating service, we would also be happy to help you plan and execute development of your latest product. The range of services we are able to provide covers the entire chain of product development, all the way up to production-related realization.

Crystalline and nano-crystalline diamond coats

In principle, crystalline and nano-crystalline diamond coats differ mostly in terms of the size of the crystals that make up the precipitated coat. D-Coat’s special deposition process allows us to produce diamond coats that have nearly the same characteristics as natural diamond.

D-Coat’s contract coating services offer you the opportunity to choose between nano-crystalline and crystalline coats, tailoring your tools to fit your specific application.

Nano-crystalline diamond coats

Our nano-crystalline diamond coats are particularly suited to jobs where smearing materials are an issue. The coating’s ultra-smooth surface dramatically cuts down on the adhesion of melted material to the surface of the machining tool or part, thereby dramatically improving performance.

Crystalline diamond coats

Crystalline diamond coats are particularly well-suited to working with highly abrasive materials that don’t melt and smear, such as graphite-based materials.